Update on status, new layout, absence, future

It’s been quiet the last few days, I know. This wasn’t intended, but along with trying to work through System Shock 2, I’ve been tinkering with the layout, changing themes, and just overall messing around with how I want to move forward with this blog. What I’ve decided is this:

  • As of next week, posts are going to be done Mon-Wed-Fri. I’m going to try and make one of those a more exhaustive, longer piece and mix it up with slightly shorter ones.
  • I’ve got some words about System Shock 2 that’ll go up tomorrow. After that it’s going to be quiet until Monday when I get back from Seattle.
  • Holy shit, I’m going to PAX, which means next week’s writings are going to be mostly about that. Expect a lot of talk about the WiiU.
  • In a few more weeks, I’m going to look into digging into this a little further with the purchase of a domain and the ability to do some custom tinkering with the design.
  • I’m thinking about cross-posting a lot of this stuff to a blog on 1UP or something to try and get my writing out there a little better.

To my friends and family who read this stuff and offer comments or criticism, I appreciate all of it. Anyone else out there, thanks for reading. Things are gonna get a lot more interesting, I promise.



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