The Plan

Okay, so I”m working on setting the plan in motion, and I pretty well have it figured out (for now, at least) what I’m going to do with this blog.

Here’s the deal: first of all, there’s going to be a name change. I have one in mind, but I haven’t finished setting it all up yet, so I’m not going to reveal that yet. I like the name “minusworlds,” but I feel like it limits my discussion to video games. I said previously that I wanted to move beyond writing about just video games. The truth of the matter is that my brain is a radioactive wasteland of useless information. I might not be able to tell you all that much about math, but if you want to know why Jetsons: The Movie is a terrible film, I can go on for a while. I’ve been tossing around ideas to do a re-watch of a television series or something and write up each episode, just to do something different. I know the updates here have been sparse, but I assure you, it isn’t for lack of content ideas. I’ve still got plenty of those.

Next up, I’m realizing that with the resources I have at my disposal, I could likely do some interesting content that isn’t just writing based. I’m tossing around the idea of doing video or audio of some sort. I haven’t really locked down a solid concept for these things, but the idea is intriguing. I think it’d be a lot of fun, so it’s definitely something to explore. With that in mind, I have considered morphing this blog into a portfolio of sorts, acting as my own personal web portal that links to all of my Internet diatribes. That is still very likely to happen, though I’ve been really thinking about something else entirely, which would make turning this blog into a personal portfolio unfeasible. I’m actually considering hassling a couple of friends into contributing some pieces, making this into my own miniature community.

I’m still mulling it over. I haven’t decided which way I’m going to take this. Truthfully, I do want to take the writing element in a more critical, serious direction. That’s not to say that my horrible sense of humor would be going anywhere, but I do feel like there’s more I can do instead of just rambling about these bizarre, existential crises that video games cause me.

The hard part about all of this is something I briefly explained in the last update. I’m stressed out a lot, and sometimes I just can’t write. It gets hard to focus, and I don’t want to force these pieces to come out. Since I’m not posting regular news updates from publishers or something, I’m far more free to just write about what I want. I’m not exactly held to any sort of deadline, but sometimes, nothing comes out. My real life stress has a huge impact on this, and when I have bad days, I have really bad days. It’s something I’ve learned to live with for the time being. Writing makes me happy. It’s a challenge, and over the latter part of the summer I was able to watch my own style develop quickly. That was a really good feeling, and I’d prefer to keep that trend going. I know I can do much better, and I want to push those boundaries.

I’m going to think some of this over through the weekend. New changes should start going into effect on Monday or so.



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