I Saw the Sun: A Lot of Words About Dark Souls

Death in video games has always signified that we failed at whatever task we were presented with. If you die, you respawn at an earlier point, knowing a little more of what you’ve gotten yourself into. With each successive attempt, you’re likely to get a little further, and eventually, you’ll conquer whatever stands before you. Over time, death in video games evolved to a point where it had no real consequence. You die, you respawn to the previous respawn point, and continue on your merry way, as if nothing ever happened. Lives don’t figure in as much anymore, and whatever was dead the first time around is very likely still dead. Through this, you push through the game and are given that sense of satisfaction that comes with success, even if it was easily earned. This is a common thread with most first person shooters, though other genres are not immune to it. The current generation of gamers are used to this, even expecting it. A game that forces you to actually have consequence for your failure to succeed has become something of a boon in the industry. It all links back into the idea that video games have become this giant Skinner box experiment, but that really is a discussion for another day.

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